Vegan Chickpea Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe (No Tofu)

Vegan Chickpea Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe (No Tofu) Recipe

By Peanut Palate

🔪Prep Time: 15 mins


2 tsp avocado oil

½ medium white onion chopped

2 medium garlic cloves minced

½ can cooked chickpeas

1 tsp dijon mustard

⅛ tsp ground turmeric

2 tbsp fresh dill chopped

pink salt to taste

black pepper to taste

kala namak (Indian black salt) to taste


1In a skillet over low heat, add the oil. Once the oil is hot, add in the onion and garlic.

2Saute for 3-4 minutes, until aromatic.

3Once the garlic is turning lightly brown, turn off the heat and set the skillet aside.

4In a medium bowl, add in the remaining ingredients, along with salt and pepper to taste. Add in the onion mixture.

5Blend with a hand blender, until a chunky mixture forms. All the ingredients should be well mixed, but blend it just enough so that there are still chunks of chickpeas visible.

6Once the mixture is ready, toast your choice of sandwich bread. Add this egg salad as a layer into your favorite sandwich (like a veggie-mayo-egg-salad sandwich)!

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