The Candied Ginger Smoothie Bowl (anti-inflammatory & vegan)

The Candied Ginger Smoothie Bowl (anti-inflammatory & vegan) Recipe

By VegetaFull

🔪Prep Time: 10 minutes


8oz (226 grams) of extra firm tofu

2 large ripe bananas

1 ripe pear, cored and quartered

1 cup (124 grams) of cauliflower florets, steamed and frozen

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

½ teaspoon of turmeric

1/8 teaspoon of fine sea salt

1½ ” piece of ginger root, unpeeled and chopped

4 large medjool dates, pitted


1Cauliflower that has been frozen and slightly thawed produces a creamier texture when blended so pop it in the microwave for about 30 seconds or just let it sit on the counter while you gather your other ingredients.

2Add the tofu, bananas, pear, and cauliflower to a blender container, along with the vanilla turmeric, salt, ginger, and dates.

3Securely attach the lid to your container and blend until creamy, starting at low speed and working up to medium speed. You may have to stop and scrape down the sides of the container or use the tamper (with a Vitamix) to push the food down and around toward the blade. This will take about a minute or more, depending on what type of blender you are using.

4Scoop the mildly sweet, spicy mixture which will be the consistency of loose custard, into two bowls and top with fresh raspberries and candied ginger if you like. Blood oranges are also a fun addition when they are available.

5Notes: No need to peel! Fresh ginger peel will be undetectable after blending. Leaving the peel on also wastes less of this flavorful, root not to mention time digging around all those nooks and crannies with a vegetable peeler or a spoon.

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