The Clean Green Smoothie Bowl

The Clean Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe

By VegetaFull

🔪Prep Time: 10 minutes


2 large ripe bananas

½ cup (4 oz.) of full fat coconut milk (the kind that comes in a can)

2 teaspoons of raw ginger, skin on and sliced (1" piece)

1/8 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of frozen pineapple chunks

2 cups of fresh spinach (packed)


1First add the bananas and the coconut milk to your blender container. Feel free to use regular or lite coconut milk if you prefer. But, full fat coconut milk makes for a richer, creamier and more filling smoothie bowl.

2Next add the raw ginger and the salt. So why not peel the ginger? Simply because it’s not necessary! Fresh ginger peel will be undetectable after blending. Leaving the peel on also wastes less of this flavorful, root not to mention time digging around all those nooks and crannies with a vegetable peeler or a spoon.

3Now it’s time for the frozen pineapple chunks and the spinach. 2 cups of packed spinach is about 2 large handfuls.

4Secure the lid on the container and blend, starting on low and working up to medium speed until the ingredients are creamy and fully incorporated. This will take about a minute or more depending on your blender. If you have a Vitamix, use the tamper to push the food down and around toward the blade. Or just stop and scrape the sides of the container as needed.

5Pour the sweet green mixture which will be the consistency of a thick smoothie into two bowls and top with fresh figs, pineapple and coconut flakes.

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