The Best Superfood Smoothie Bowl (No-Banana)

The Best Superfood Smoothie Bowl (No-Banana) Recipe

By VegetaFull

🔪Prep Time: 10 minutes


1 large avocado

1 ripe pear, cored and quartered

1/3 cup (2.7 oz) of almond milk, unsweetened

2 teaspoons of vanilla

2 tablespoons of raw, organic cacao powder

1/8 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

4 large medjool dates, pitted

1 cup of spinach (about 1 handful)

1 cup (164 grams) of frozen blueberries

1 cup (64 grams) of cauliflower florets, steamed and frozen (see note)


1Cauliflower that has been frozen and slightly thawed produces a creamier texture when blended, so let it sit on the counter while you gather your other ingredients.

2Add the avocado, pear, almond milk, and vanilla to a blender container, followed by the cacao powder, salt, chia seeds, and dates. Then add the spinach, blueberries, and cauliflower.

3Securely attach the lid to your container and blend until creamy, starting at low speed and working up to medium speed. You may have to stop and scrape down the sides of the container or use the tamper (with a Vitamix) to push the food down and around toward the blade. This will take about a minute or more, depending on what type of blender you are using.

4Scoop out the creamy speckled mixture which will be the consistency of loose pudding into two or three bowls and top with fresh berries, cacao nibs, and your favorite granola.

5Notes: Be sure to steam your cauliflower, until fork-tender, first before freezing. Raw cauliflower has a slightly bitter taste and won’t blend into a creamy texture.

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