Vegan Sushi

Vegan Sushi Recipe

By The Vegan Allrounder

🔪Prep Time: 30 minutes

👩‍🍳Cook Time: 30 minutes


For the vegan salmon:

2 tomatoes


ume su

chili oil

chili flakes

miso paste

nori flakes


For the sushi:

sushi rice




peanut butter

sesame seeds


1All you have to do is prepare some sushi rice, let it cool down and prepare your vegan salmon

2For the vegan salmon just blanch 2 tomatoes for 40-60 seconds, flush with cold water afterwards an peel of the skin. Divide each tomato into 8 pieces and remove the core then marinade for 30 min. in a mixture of soysauce, ume su, chili oil, chili flakes, miso paste, water and nori flakes.

3Now you can start to fill the sushi rolls with avocado,cucumbers, salad for some exrta crunchiness and some peanut butter ass well as sesame seeds and the vegan salmon

4Roll it all up, dunk it in some soy sauce and enjoy!

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