Vegan Falafel (Gluten-Free)

Vegan Falafel (Gluten-Free) Recipe

By Earth of Maria

🔪Prep Time: 5 mins

👩‍🍳Cook Time: 25 mins


▢ 1 cup dried chickpeas, or 3 cups (2 cans) canned chickpeas

▢ 1 medium onion, diced

▢ 3/4 cup chopped cilantro

▢ 3 cloves garlic

▢ 1/2 cup sesame seeds

▢ 3 tbsp buckwheat flour

▢ 1 tbsp rice flour

▢ 1/2 tsp turmeric

▢ 1 tsp cumin

▢ 1 tbsp dried basil

▢ 1 tsp salt

▢ 1/2 tsp smoked paprika

▢ 1 tbsp olive oil

▢ 1/2 lemon, juice of


1If you are using dried chickpeas, soak them in cold water for at least 3 hours, or overnight. Drain and rinse them, and pat them dry with a paper towel.

2If using canned chickpeas, drain and rinse them, and pat them with a paper towel, making sure they are as dry as possible.

3Transfer the chickpeas to a blender or food processor together with the onion, cilantro, garlic, sesame seeds, buckwheat flour, rice flour, turmeric, cumin, dried basil, salt, smoked paprika, olive oil, and lemon juice. Set aside 1/4 cup of the sesame seeds to coat the falafel. Blend on a low setting for a few seconds, until mostly smooth, but with a bit of texture left.

4Scoop out around 2-3 tbsp of the mixture per falafel and shape them using your hands. If they stick, dip your hands in a little bit of flour before shaping. Dip the falafel in the sesame seeds on both sides and lay them out on a flat surface.

5To fry: To make fried falafel, heat a thin layer of olive oil or avocado oil in a large flat pan or skillet. Add the falafel to the pan, working in batches if necessary – it's important not to overcrowd the pan. Fry for around 2-3 minutes on one side, then flip and fry for 2 minutes more, until crispy and browned.

6To bake: If you want to make baked falafel, preheat the oven to 180 degrees C (350F) before blending. Lay out the falafel on a large baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes, flipping half way through.

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