Easy Vegan Miso Ramen

Easy Vegan Miso Ramen Recipe

By Stephanie Dreyer


1 container Trader Joe's Miso Ramen

1 stalk baby bok choy chopped

2 green onions sliced on the diagonal

4 shiitake mushrooms sliced

1/3 cup edamame beans shelled and cooked

Dash Trader Joe's Umami seasoning (optional)


1Add boiling hot water to the contents of the Ramen cup along with the seasonings. (I toss the oil packet).

2While the soup steeps, prep the vegetables.

3After 5 minutes, stir in the vegetables, edamame and Umami seasoning, if using.

4Add more boiling water if desired. (I like to add a little more because the broth is so delicious.)

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