The Almighty BLT

The Almighty BLT Recipe

By Veegs



1 jar (14 ounces, or 392 g) hearts of palm, drained

¼ cup (60 g) non-dairy sour cream or unsweetened plain non-dairy yogurt

½ cup (112 g) vegan mayonnaise

¼ teaspoon ground white pepper, to taste

¼ teaspoon fine sea salt, to taste

1 tablespoon (8 g) drained capers

½ teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon onion powder (optional)

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 tablespoons (14 g) sliced sun-dried tomatoes in oil, drained


8 slices any bread (crusty or soft), toasted

4 large lettuce leaves

1 recipe Tempeh Bacon (Bonus Recipes), pan-fried 1 beefsteak tomato, cut into 8 thin slices

1 avocado, pitted, peeled, and cut into 12 slices

4 razor-thin slices red onion (optional)


1TO MAKE THE SPREAD: Process the hearts of palm in a food processor until coarsely chopped. Add all the remaining ingredients and pulse a few times to leave chunky, or process thoroughly until smooth. Stop to scrape down the sides occasionally. Chill in an airtight container overnight to let the flavours meld. Enjoy the leftovers within 1 week.

2TO ASSEMBLE THE SANDWICHES: Smear 1 tablespoon (16 g) spread on each slice of bread. Top 4 slices of bread with 1 lettuce leaf, 2 ounces (57 g) bacon, 2 slices tomato, 3 slices avocado, and 1 slice onion. Top with the 4 remaining bread slices.

3Recipe Notes: BLT sandwiches are commonly served with a side of French fries, but coleslaw or your favourite pickled vegetables will work well here if you really need something to accompany it. The sandwich alone usually hits the spot for us. Use the leftover spread as an alternative on any

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