Gnocchi with aubergine & tomato sauce

Gnocchi with aubergine & tomato sauce Recipe

By Bb Kitchen


500g potatoes

1 onion


5/6 big tomatoes

1 aubergine

2 tablespoons GF flour

Extra virgin olive oil for cooking

2 pinch of salt


1Wrap the potatoes in foil and bake at 200* for 45/50 min until they’re soft

2While you wait for the potatoes, prepare the sauce: cut a cross on the bottom of each tomato and boil for 1 min, then peel them and throw away the central hard white bit

3peel&chop finely garlic&onion

4peel&chop the aubergine in small pieces

5stir fry the onion&garlic for 5/6 min in a splash of olive oil until soft and golden

6add the wine and let evaporate for 4 min

7add the aubergine and stir fry for 6/7 min until soft

8add the tomato, the basil and 1/2 glass of water and cook on low heat for 8/9 min

9peel&mash the baked potatoes, place them in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons of GF flour and knead to get a smooth dough

10roll out the dough in small cylinders, chop them and use a fork to get the typical design on each piece of dough

11boil the gnocchi for 3 min and add them to the sauce, mixing well


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