Potatoes Schiacciata

Potatoes Schiacciata Recipe

By Bb Kitchen


350g potatoes

200g GF flour

350g water

50g extra virgin olive oil

2 pinch of salt

1 pinch of grounded peppercorn


garlic cloves


1 Slice finely the potatoes and the garlic using a sharp knife (or a mandolin if you own one). Put aside.

2Mix well the flour, the water and the oil.

3Add the salt and the rosemary. Mix well.

4Add the potatoes and the garlic, mix well until everything is coated.

5 Pour the batter on a baking tray and level it out evenly. Add the grounded peppercorn and sea salt flakes if you like Bake at 180* in fan oven for 30 min

6Bake at 180* in fan oven for 30 min.


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