Pasta Aglio Olio & Peperoncino

Pasta Aglio Olio & Peperoncino Recipe

By Bb Kitchen


350g GF spaghetti

80g extra virgin olive oil

2/3 garlic cloves

1 big chilli pepper

Parsley (optional)

Salt to taste


1Prepare the pasta following packet instructions; when the water boils add the pasta and cook halfway the indicated time (mine said 10 min so I have stopped it at 5)

2Chop the garlic, the chilli pepper and the parsley if using

3In a large skillet, put the oil on medium heat, then add the garlic, the chilli and the parsley and stir fry for 1-2 min on low heat. Careful - you do not want to burn the garlic

4Add the halfway cooked pasta to the skillet where the sauce is, plus a couple of scoops of the pasta’s water and continue cooking until the pasta is done and all the water is absorbed (for me, 5 min)

5Serve with a sprinkle of fresh parsley


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