Vegan Overnight Oats

Vegan Overnight Oats Recipe

By Loving It Vegan

🔪Prep Time: 5 minutes


1/2 cup Soy Milk (120ml)

2 Tbsp Almond Butter

1/2 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Maple Syrup

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Dash Cinnamon

1/2 cup Rolled Oats (50g)


1Add the soy milk, almond butter, chia seeds, maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon to a jar. Stir. The almond butter will stay chunky - this is fine.

2Add in the rolled oats and stir in. Make sure all the oats are covered with the soy milk.

3Put the lid on the jar if you have one or cover with cling film and place into the refrigerator and leave overnight.

4The next morning serve with fresh chopped fruits, dried fruits, nuts, extra almond butter or whatever you fancy.

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