Vegan Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Vegan Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

By Brand New Vegan


3 cloves Garlic (minced)

1/2 Onion (diced)

2 cups Butler Soy Curls

2 cups Hot Water

3 Tbls Low Sodium Soy Sauce (divided)

1/4 tsp Garlic Powder

1/4 tsp Onion Powder

1/4 tsp Thyme

1/4 tsp Sage

3 cups Vegetable Broth (divided)

3 Tbls Flour

3-4 cans Green Chile (4 oz cans OR 7-8 fresh Hatch Green Chiles0

1/2 tsp Oregano

1/4 tsp Cumin

2 small Tomatoes (optional)

7-8 corn Tortillas

1 batch Vegan Sour Cream (recipe link below)

1 batch Amazing Vegan Cheese Sauce (recipe link below)


1Place 2 cups soy curls in 2 cups hot water to rehydrate - 10 min

2Season water with soy sauce, garlic powder, sage, and thyme

3In a large pan, saute garlic and onion in several Tbls of veggie broth until softened

4Whisk flour into 1 cup veggie broth and add to sauce to thicken

5Add remaining veggie broth and chiles and stir thoroughly

6Drain and press out any liquid from soy curls - add to broth

7Add tomatoes if using

8Season with soy sauce, oregano, and cumin

9Drain mixture and save the liquid

10Preheat oven to 350 degrees

11Add enough broth to cover bottom of a large casserole dish

12Preheat 7-8 corn tortilla sin microwave until soft and pliable

13Roll enchiladas with cheese sauce, sour cream, and soy mixture

14Place seam side down in casserole dish - repeat.

15Spread additional cheese sauce on top of dish along with any remaining broth

16Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until bubbly

17Garnish with shredded lettuce and salsa

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