Stacked Red Chile Enchiladas

Stacked Red Chile Enchiladas Recipe

By Brand New Vegan


12 Corn Tortillas

1 Red Onion (diced small)

2-3 cups Amazing Vegan Cheese Sauce (recipe below)

1 batch Easy New Mexico Red Chile Sauce (recipe below)

Green Onions (for garnish)

Shredded Lettuce (for garnish)

Diced Tomato (for garnish)

Green Chile Sour Cream (optional)


1Spoon 2-3 Tbs of Red Chile onto a large Dinner Plate

2Add Tortilla to plate

3Spoon an additional 2-3 Tbs of Red Chile to top of tortilla

4Add 1 Tbs chopped Onions

5Add 2-3 Tbs Cheese Sauce

6Add another tortilla to top of stack and repeat

7Add a 3rd tortilla to stack and cover with Red Chile Sauce

8Microwave for several minutes until cheese is melted

9Garnish with lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and sour cream

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