Green Chia Parfait

Green Chia Parfait Recipe

By Lena's Vegan Living

🔪Prep Time: 20 mins


1 ¾ cup Coconut milk (canned)

¾ cup Chia (possibly white)

2 tbsp Green spirulina powder

¼ cup Maple syrup

1 tsp Pure vanilla extract

1 lemon (only juice)

2 kiwi fruits

½ cup Pomegranate seeds

1 cup plant-based yogurt (plain or vanilla flavour)

1 cup Raspberries to garnish

Mint leaves to garnish (optional)


1Blend chia with milk, maple syrup and lemon juice in a bowl a stir well.

2Add spirulina, stir well again and place into refrigerator for two hours.

3When ready, divide the mixture into your jars.

4Divide the pomegranate seeds and make a layer on top of chia in the jars.

5Peal and slice kiwi fruits and create another layer.

6Top with yogurt, arrange raspberries on top with mint if you like and serve.

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