Chocolate Energy Bars

Chocolate Energy Bars Recipe

By Peanut Palate

🔪Prep Time: 15 mins


For the Bars

⅔ cup soft, pitted dates

2 tbsp cocoa powder

5 tbsp almond flour sub: oat flour, ground walnuts, almond meal

For the Add-ins

2 tbsp chopped almonds sub: walnuts, pecans, cashews

1 tbsp dried goji berries sub: dried cranberries, dried blueberries

1 tbsp cocoa nibs sub: dark mini chocolate chips

½ tsp acai powder optional

¼ tsp vanilla extract

Pinch salt


1Blend together the bar ingredients until a dough forms.

2Add the add-in ingredients in, and pulse the blender a few times – don't fully blend these in, or they won't be distinguishable from the actual dough. You can see how they look in the photos!

3Remove the mixture from the blender and pat it down, medium-thick, into a tray. You can lightly grease the tray or put wax paper underneath so the bars are easy to remove later.

4Refrigerate the bars for 4-5 hours, or freeze for 3-4 hours. They will be a lot harder with a crunch if they're frozen, and softer when refrigerated. Don't skip this step! The texture completely changes once they are cold.

5Once the chilling step is done, use a pizza cutter or a sharp knife (I prefer a pizza cutter for a very clean cut) to cut the dough into 4 bars.

6Enjoy! Keep it refrigerated to hold the chewy texture.

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