Berry Parfait

Berry Parfait Recipe

By Lena's Vegan Living

🔪Prep Time: 15 mins

👩‍🍳Cook Time: 15 mins


1 cup mix blueberries & blackberries fresh or frozen, but thawed

¼ cup coconut water

¼ cup Maple syrup

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 cup plain plant-based yogurt

1 tbsp erythritol you may add more if needed

1 cup of granola

1 cup blueberries fresh to garnish

Figs or other fresh fruit to garnish optional


1In a food processor, blend the cup of mix berries with coconut water and maple syrup until smooth.

2Transfer to a bowl and mix with chia seeds.

3Divide into three parts by pouring 1/3 into a second bawl and 1/3 into your ready glasses or jars.

4Mix a cup of yogurt with a sweetener.

5Add 7 tbsp of yogurt into the berry mixture and stir thoroughly.

6Add 3tbsp into the other bowl and stir thoroughly again.

7Adjust the taste, to make sure they are sweet enough.

8Pour ½ of each mixture into your 2 glasses. Darker first and lighter second

9Top with granola, blueberries and remaining yogurt.

10Garnish with fruits.

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