The Jade Eye Massage Tool

The Jade Eye Massage Tool Fashion

A breath of peace in your active life. An everyday ritual, an act of self care. A massage therapy device crafted from jade for a relaxing, cooling effect on the eye area. Developed particularly to treat the fragile skin around the eyes, this device:. Minimizes puffiness and can help in reducing eye bags. Awakens and invigorates the eye location. Aids in absorption of eye lotion or eye product into the skin. Note: Because of natural variants in stone, every jade massage therapy tool is special in pattern and also color. HOW TO USE. After using an eye lotion or eye cream, carefully slide the tool on the under eye area, beginning with the internal edge of the eye to the temple. Repeat a few times as well as follow by delicately gliding the device over the eyelid to reduce puffiness. TREATMENT. After each usage, a soft microfiber fabric can be utilized to clean the jade massage tool. For a deeper cleanse, dip the towel into a bowl of soapy water (water + a cleanser) prior to wiping the jade massage therapy tool. You can dry the it using an additional completely dry cloth or let it air completely dry.. The Mount Lai box is the best compartment for your jade massage tool to be housed in. Make certain it is completely dry prior to storage space. For an added cooling result, the jade massage tool can be kept in the refrigerator. Made sensibly in Korea....
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