Sponge Trio

Sponge Trio Fashion

3 level, foldable make-up sponges, each with a crowded side and a permeable side for very easy, diffused blending. The gathered side holds item for fuller coverage as well as a smooth, extra-blended application. The porous side diffuses insurance coverage for a smooth, natural-skin finish. For targeted or hard-to-reach locations fold the sponge, and utilize the edges to apply item. The sponge can be used dry or a little moistened.. HOW TO USAGE. Apply structure with the sponge for a smooth and very easy appearance - for fuller matte coverage, completed with a layer of Satin Matte Structure, Pushed Structure with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex, or Satin Finishing Powder. Can additionally be use to use concealer to clean, moisturized skin to neutralize and also lighten up dark circles as well as locations of staining. COMPONENTS. 100% Cruelty-Free and also Vegan|Nitrile Rubber with crowding.. Made in U.S.A.....
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By Petit Vour

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