Invigorating + Balancing Toner

Invigorating + Balancing Toner Fashion

Reformulated to be gentler, less drying, and also great for all skin types, the Invigorating + Balancing Printer Toner with Rose & Geranium is terrific for regular, combination, oily, and also congested skin. This re-mineralized toner includes all-natural minerals as well as nutrients to purify and also tone your skin. Great Smelling Organic Rose Water is normally calming as well as cooling to the skin, while Geranium vital oil calms and also naturally reduces the appearance of scars.. HOW TO USAGE. Usage after cleaning. Apply 1-3 sprays of toner directly to your skin. Air-dry for 1-2 minutes. For finest outcomes, follow with a serum as well as moisturizer. We suggest making use of the printer toner when your skin is acting up.This product has a service life of 6 months after opening.. COMPONENTS. 100% Cruelty-Free as well as Vegan|Water, Rose Flower Water *, Lavender Flower Water *, Colloidal Silver, Rosemary Fallen Leave Extract, Lactobacillis Ferment, Geranium Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Patchouli Oil *, Incense Oil *, Sea Salt.|* Certified Organic Active Ingredients.. Made in Canada.....
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