Mon Ami Facial Acupuncture Tool

Mon Ami Facial Acupuncture Tool Fashion

Objective: Promote face muscle relaxation & dissolve facial stress. With time, perpetual stress, stress, scrunching up your eyes and other face tightenings will trigger skin cells to be pressed and creases to develop. As a result excessive facial tension can cause much deeper creases and loss of skin flexibility. With origins in Chinese medication, the Acupressure Point Technique boosts the circulation of power by melting tightenings and eliminating energy obstructions. Mon Ami was crafted to disappear face stress by turning on details elegance factors with light to tool pressure, enabling a more loosened up, harmonious and also younger-looking face look. HOW TO USAGE Make use of the rounded end. Apply medium pressure on acupressure factors for 3-second increments complying with the acupressure chart. For included relaxation set each stress application with a deep breath and also complete exhale. Repeat on each pressure factor 3 times. Bonus offer! Utilize the flat end as a spatula to scoop the excellent amount of product. Made in USA...
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