Hydrating Accelerator

Hydrating Accelerator Fashion

This vital, multi-action product is a combination hydrator, toner, and also a light cream all in one. Organic vitamin-infused aloe water as well as fats lower skin surface tension to properly pass through the stratum corneum and also enhance distribution of hydration, antioxidants, and nutrients into the skin. By naturally filling up cells with structured aloe water, the Hydrating Accelerator assists to plump, firm, and rise flow of vital plant actives. Rich anti-oxidants and also fats soften, increase skin structure, and enhance the protective acid mantle barrier. Aloe and herbal anti-inflammatories soothe, alleviate soreness, and assist reset the skins natural healing capacity while establishing the skin to totally obtain reliable moisturizing and also offered nutrients in products, oils, balms, and creams. HOW TO USE After cleansing rub face dry. Mist three to five pumps of the Hydrating Accelerator. This enables enzymes and nutrients in the masks, lotions, as well as lotions to take a trip into the skin as well as end up being locked in with moisturizers. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 100% Cruelty-Free as well as Vegan|* Vitamin Instilled Aloe Vera Fallen Leave Juice, * Jojoba Oil, † Marula Oil, * Vitamin E, * Evening Primrose Oil, * Grape Seed Oil, * Sea Buckthorn Oil, * Hemp Seed Oil, * Borage Seed Oil, * Almond Oil, * Sesame Oil, * Goji Berry, * Ashwaganda, * Turmeric, * Calendula, * Black Cohosh, * Dandelion, * Fo Ti Origin, * Alfalfa, * Bilberry, * Rosemary, * Elderberry, * Raspberry Fallen Leave, * Burdock, * Chamomile, * Rose Hips, * Eyebright, * Beetroot, * St. John's Wort, * Hawthorne Berry, * Chickweed, * Licorice, * Coriander, * Equine Chestnut, * Lavender, * Red Clover, * Olive Fallen Leave, * Sage, * Thyme, * Vanilla Essence, † YlangYlang Necessary Oil, † Rosemary Vital Oil, † Eucalyptus Essential Oil, † Bergamot Essential Oil, † Carrot Important Seed Oil.|* Certified Ingredients, † Organic. Made in USA....
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