Hair Spray Firm Hold

Hair Spray Firm Hold Fashion

The Hair Spray functions to control any type of hair style while motivating solid hair growth. This pure, lightweight formula made from non-gmo yucca and various other pure plant ingredients enables natural movement without feeling sticky, flaking or drying the hair as well as scalp. Active organic mixtures stimulate roots circulation supporting continued hair growth as well as a healthy, nourished scalp. HOW TO USAGE Hold item around 1 foot from the hair and also use in sweeping activities. For a firmer hold, enable each layer to dry prior to reapplying.. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. 100% Cruelty-Free and also Vegan | Aqua, * Brown Rice Remove, * Yucca Starch, † Orange Peel Oil Revealed, * Horsetail, * Lavender, * Pepper Mint, * Oregano, * Rosemary Fallen Leave, * Sage, * Thyme, * Veggie Glycerin, § Xanthan Periodontal, Potassium Sorbate, † Rosemary Vital Oil, † Ylang Vital Oil † Lavender Vital Oil. * Qualified Organic, † Organic, § Non-Gmo Plant Sourced. Made in USA....
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By Petit Vour

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