SDU Hexa

SDU Hexa Fashion

Upper: Hexamesh (70% organic cotton & 30% recycled polyester). Panels made out of vegan suede. Logo design V made of rubber. Cellular lining in Jersey of recycled polyester. Sole constructed of wild rubber and also other artificial products. Sole constructed out of EVA as well as wild rubber from the Amazonian forest ( 25%). TREATMENT. Before you use the shoes for the first time, it's encourage to waterproof your shoes and also to duplicate this procedure consistently. Worrying the canvas designs: the canvas can be cleaned with cool water and soap. The vegan suede sections can be kept by dry cleaning. ABOUT THE BRAND. Because 2005, VEJA has been making tennis shoes in different ways instilling each stage of production with a positive impact. They chose to make tennis shoes, because this product is an icon for our generation and our era. It's likewise an item that takes shape the major issues of globalization via its production, circulation, and use.. Made in Brazil....
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By Petit Vour

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